Why Trimming Your American Bullies’ Nails Is Important.

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An essential grooming task that keeps your American Bully happy and healthy is nail trimming. The nails on your dog may become excessively long if you don’t trim them, which might lead to issues. Learn why it’s important to keep your dog’s nails well-trimmed at all times.
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Motives for Nail Trimming… Even for your XL Bully.

Big dogs, like XL Bullies usually travel about on concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces frequently have their nails worn down. But a lot of American Pit Bull Terrier’s, of all sizes, either live inside most of the time or roam about on grassy areas. As a result, their nail tips aren’t constantly worn down, which can result in excessively long nails.
Too-long nails run the risk of being pulled off, as might happen if your American bully’s nail got stuck on some carpeting or furniture. If the injury is severe enough, it can necessitate veterinarian treatment. Additionally, longer dog nails make it more difficult for dogs to move around comfortably. As your American Showtime Bully walks, pressure on the nail bed may increase if its nails often strike the ground. The alignment of your dog’s toe and paw joints may be affected by the pressure, which may make your dog walk with their weight distributed unevenly.

Nail Cutting Advice.

You may need to put some effort into getting your dog used to having your pitty’s nails cut short if your Showtime Bully isn’t used to it. You can achieve this by introducing the clippers to them gradually and allowing your dog to get accustomed to having their paws handled. Create pleasant associations with this by giving goodies and praise up until the point where your American Bully consents to have their nails clipped without being tense.
Make a 45-degree angle with the clippers while you trim your bully’s nails. To avoid mistakenly cutting into the quick, the living portion of the nail, gently trim each nail. If your dog has white nails, this means stopping before you get to the pink portion. If you have black nails, cease trimming when the interior is no longer yellowish.
How often should the nails on your dog be trimmed? The ideal time to clip them is when they are long enough to touch the ground. To find out, you can visually inspect your bully pit’s nails or listen for the sound of their nail tips striking the ground as they walk.

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