Finding an American Bully breeder is difficult. With so many breeders to select from, it can be tough to decide which breeder is the best fit for you and your family. Do your research and ask questions about the breeder’s program to ensure you get a healthy and humanely bred dog. This article will address how to choose an American Bully breeder. How to recognize safe and humane breeders, how to determine which breeders are respectable and trustworthy, and what questions to ask a breeder in order to reveal any important details about their program.

When looking for an American bully breeder, it’s important to do your research first before making any decisions.  Organizations like UKC and ABKC can help you find breeders. These websites list registered breeders in certain areas who have met the organization’s standards for breeding healthy, happy dogs. You can also search social media for local kennels. These sites often contain reviews from past customers as well as pictures, videos, etc., which can give you insight into what kind of puppies they have produced in the past and customer satisfaction levels when dealing with them overall, allowing one to get more information on whether or not they would want this particular kennel handling their future pup’s needs without worry or concern over mistreatment/abuse/neglect, etc.

After considering personal experiences and firsthand accounts, one should start digging deeper by asking questions about the program, such as: How long has this program been active?” What kind of health testing do you perform? Gene testing? Indoor or outdoor litters? How socialized are puppies before leaving facility? Etc… Asking these questions ensures that pups purchased originate from clean settings and have passed health checks before mating, resulting in healthier, stronger pups at maturity.

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