XL American Bullies are a wildly popular dog breed that can be expensive when purchased from a high quality breeder. Some people may be tempted to adopt from backyard breeders, but this is not safe. Selecting the best breeder is preferable to selecting the cheapest. American Bullies have the capability to significantly injure people and property if not produced and raised in a humane manner. Families ought to adopt dogs who have a history.

Why are American Bullies so expensive?

Consider their popularity. American Bullies are active, loyal, and outgoing. They are extremely loyal and devoted of their families, making them perfect pets for those seeking a devoted companion. They stand out with a large head, broad shoulders and chest, and muscular legs. All of these characteristics together make them an appealing breed with a higher price tag.

Backyard Breeders

Puppy mills and backyard breeders may sell unhealthy, unvaccinated puppies. These sources ought to be avoided because there is no assurance that these puppies will be healthy or socialized. Animal abuse, neglect, and unethical breeding techniques, such as breeding dogs too young or producing too many litters, are all associated with puppy mills.

The Solution

Dog breeders who use sustainable breeding methods are essential to preserving heritage breeds. Reputable breeders match and health-test parents before breeding. These breeders sell puppies with known histories and parents tested for genetic disorders common to their breed.

Reputable breeders also offer ongoing support for the duration of the puppies’ lives by educating parents on proper pet care and offering advice on how to take the best possible care of each puppy based on their individual needs.

One such respected breeder that specializes in XL American Bullies is Showtime Bullies. When compared to other top breeders, Showtime Bullies produces some of the highest quality puppies available today. Owners of XL American Bullies can get off to a good start with the guidance of Showtime Bullies. Before puppies leave with their new families, Showtime Bullies makes sure they are all healthy and free of genetic disorders.

Never purchase a puppy from a shady breeder; always go with Showtime Bullies or similar trusted breeding programs. As opposed to buying a puppy from a pet store or an amateur breeder, you can rest assured that your new family member will be coming from a healthy, well-socialized, and well-bred bloodline.