How to Trim your American Bully’s Nails

Girl in blue shirt and blue bully puppy

The Drawbacks of Large Dog Nail Trimming

Trimming the nails of large breeds such as the American Bully can be especially daunting due to their size and strength. Sometimes you may put nail trimming off a few more days to upset your cherished puppy or dog. Other times, you take your dog to the veterinarian rather than handling the nail care yourself. We’ve all been there – trimming and grooming nails isn’t always enjoyable or simple.

Why Do We Need to Trim Our Dog’s Nails?

Even though we know that our Bullies would prefer to be outside enjoying a walk or some fresh air, it is our responsibility as dog owners to take the time to cut their nails. One of the most fundamental facets of American Bully dog ownership is nail care. Without regular nail care, our pets may suffer from problems like:

1.) Even in a short period of time, our dogs’ toenails can grow too long and start to hurt their feet.

2.) The paw pads may experience unnecessary pressure as a result of the toenails curling under and scraping against the ground.

3.) In rare circumstances, the toenails will start to grow inward into the paw pad because they have nowhere else to grow, producing a sanctuary for infection and irritation.

4.) Dogs with long nails may find themselves falling down more frequently because their pads aren’t there to catch them.

5.) Dogs’ nails may start to split, which can result in bleeding and infection.

6.) Overgrown nails will alter the bio-mechanics of the digits and may cause arthritis in the toes, according to Canine Arthritis Resource and Education. “Overgrown nails will change the bio-mechanics of the digits and could lead to arthritis in the toes”. This means that your American Bully having long toenails could\ permanently damage their paws.

I should, but I’m not sure how to trim my Bully’s nails.

Many devoted large dog owners find themselves aware of how important it is to clip and groom their dogs’ nails. As any Pit Bull owner might say, they lack the skills and confidence to do it on their own. We’re here to offer advice so that you may successfully take care of your American Bully’s nails at home and give them the short nails they require for a happier and healthier dog.

Things to Use

  • The size of your Bully will determine the size of the clippers you require. A non-slip pair that fits around your English or French Bulldog’s toenails is useful. Many people find that clippers with a safety shield come in handy for projectiles.
  • Large breed dogs, like an XL Bully will require heavy clippers.
  • For pet nail maintenance, some people favor using a nail dremel. Numerous features, including a nail shield and a rechargeable battery, are included with some dremel kits.
  • Purchasing a standard dremel tool from your neighborhood Home Depot or hardware store is an extra choice.
  • By replacing the dremel bits or sharpening your clippers, you can keep your instruments sharp.

Trimming Schedule

The ASPA declares, “As a rule of thumb, a dog’s nails should be trimmed when they just about touch the ground when he or she walks. If your pet’s nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it’s time for a trim.” Rover makes the excellent point that, “Puppies need more frequent nail trims than adults because their nails are growing at a faster rate. Have you ever been scratched by a puppy? Those adorable little nails are sharp! In general, it’s best to trim your puppy’s nails a little bit every week”.

What to Cut

The quick is enclosed by the nail. The bone is the most crucial component of the toe to protect, it is surrounded by the quick and the nail.

The quick, which houses the blood flow and nerves that sustain it, and the nail itself are the two main components of a toenail. Dogs, like humans, lack feeling in their nails, but the quick of a dog’s nail has a nerve that sends feelings to the dog’s brain. When trimming the nail, it’s crucial to maintain a sufficient distance from the quick in order to avoid inflicting discomfort or drawing blood.

As you trim each nail, take a moment to inspect it from both the side and the cut surface as you trim it. The sliced surface of white nails turns pink just before it reaches the quick. This is where you should stop. Black nails are trickier to clip since the quick is hidden. If your Bully puppy has longer nails, you can safely trim the tip off without worrying about cutting into the quick. This effectively makes the nail flat across the tip. If your Pitty’s nails aren’t excessively long, it’s crucial to check the nail surface to determine where you’ve clipped them. On a black nail, the cut surface initially appears white or gray. The cut surface will appear chalky then pick before the quick. Do not clip any further.

Tips for Desensitization

Does your Bull Dog avoid using the nail clippers? It can be incredibly stressful to file a dog’s nails. It is our responsibility as large breed pet owners to take care of our dogs’ joints and feet, including their nails. You may teach your Bully to accept and even love having his nails done by using a desensitization program. In order to teach the dog to tolerate having his feet touched progressively, we use goodies to encourage him when he agrees to having his nails cut. This will be beneficial in the long term because your American Bully won’t be as anxious when getting his nails clipped. Due to his anxiety over getting his nails trimmed, please be patient.

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